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Climb the wall to make the sun rise in time,

But the night had already begun.

Now here I am, I am the one.

So hang high, soft star — don’t shine for swine.

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lol you’re welcome! it’s weird in the south because a lot of people have a story for every different type of situation and the older you get the more stories you accumulate to get your point across

i feel like that’s exactly right and it’s what i’ve heard. i think it’s strange how people feel like they can’t just walk up to people and say what they mean, but the linguistic anthropologist in my finds in fascinating how people use language in that way.

look at my face

look at my face

yes but older southern people do it the most

huh. that’s very interesting to me. thanks for answering!!

my favorite NY slang is definitely “how you fly?”


Don Francisco - Bodega Bamz

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Ok do southerners really talk in a roundabout way like I’ve heard? Do they really introduce their point with a story? I would love an answer to this.

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Pussy Power

why are most of these sex related?

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